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Global Mapping of Precious Metals Stakeholders

Estimated time to fill in the questionnaire: 2 minutes

What is the 'International strategy to combat illicit trafficking in precious metals'?

The overall objective of the programme is to counter the illicit trafficking in precious metals and combat the potential funding of organized crime and terrorism through the proceeds of such trafficking.
One of the key steps of the programme is to identify stakeholders working in the field of precious metals and related area.

Why becoming a stakeholder?

Becoming a stakeholder will allow you to:

  • have access the Pm directory;
  • post bibliographic resources, legislation and case studies;
  • disseminate news and events; and
  • have access to the meetings' reports.

The contact data requested will be included in a database exclusively meant for internal use of the programme.
It will solely be used with the purpose of contacting individuals in order to:

  • gather relevant information for the programme;
  • disseminate programme's results and achievements; and
  • invite for participation in activities related to the programme.

Who should fill in the questionnaire?

Actors involved in precious metal issues, in particular international organisations, national representatives, private companies, law enforcement agencies and judiciary, civil society representatives, experts and academia. The goal is to create a network that will be able to provide feedback on the programme and with whom sharing the programme's results.

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